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Taras Domitro

 Taras started his journey to the top-most ranks in the world of professional ballet from his native Cuba. Taras's mother, Magaly Suarez, is a famous ballet teacher, but the decision to become a dancer was entirely his. He started doing ballet at the age of 9. “ I was impressed by it, its scenery, and technical steps,” Taras explained. “ It has always been crystal clear that I dedicate myself to ballet and ballet only.”

Taras started out with the National Ballet of Cuba and in 2008 joined San-Francisco Ballet immediately as a principal dancer. His stage performances are extraordinary and unforgettable but Taras remains true to himself: “ Honestly, I feel proud after each show, good or bad”, he confessed. “ And I also feel a huge responsibility being a principal dancer with one of the world’s best ballet companies”.


His key to success is not a secret: listen to tutors and work hard. And by all means he is lucky to have a great mentor literally from day one – his mother. Taras is a frequent guest to Miami, where Magaly Suarez continues to teach ballet.